8 Plants For Your Home To Magically Give You A Better Night's Sleep

by • 04/07/2017

Adorn your bedroom with these plants that cleanse the air and calm your nerves for a better night's sleep.


Snake plant

One of the rare plants that emit oxygen at night, snake plants improve the quality of the air in your home, helping to cure insomnia and giving you a better night's sleep. It apparently helps to relieve headaches too!


Peace Lily

This moisture-emitting plant can boost a room's humidity by up to 5%, relieving irritated dry noses, especially in air-conditioned rooms. Little wonder it's a NASA-approved solution for improving sleep. 


Aloe Vera

Like the snake plant, aloe vera emits oxygen at night. It also releases volatiles into the air, which has a positive effect on your immunity.


Areca Palm

This plant purifies the air by removing toxins, and also releases moisture, helping you to breathe easier when the air-conditioning dries out the air. 


Boston Fern

Rich in essential oils and flavonoids, this green goodness helps you to regulate your nervous system and cope with stress. And if all else fails, at least it'll put you in sweet slumber to help you forget your worries for the night.



The delicate, relaxing scent of jasmine lowers anxiety, giving you deeper, more restful sleep. Wake up to increased alertness and productivity in the day.



If its pleasant purple hue doesn't lull you to sleep, its calming aroma will. One study even found that it reduced crying in babies and helped them sleep, too.



Gardenia aren't just there to look pretty. A recent Danish study found it to be as effective as Valium for relieving insomnia and promoting sleep!


by • 04/07/2017