Overate? 5 Easy Asian Remedies To Fix Your Regret

by • 04/07/2017

Bloated, overate, or even hungover? Try these soothing Asian remedies with herbs readily available at your neighborhood Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) parlour, or even the supermarket.


If you overindulged in oily food: Hawthorn Oolong Tea

Hawthorn contains large amounts of citric acid, maslinic acid and ursoli acid, which will help your body to digest the food at a quicker rate. However, this tea is not suitable for pregnant women as it may cause side effects like mild gastric cramps and increase the risk of miscarriage.

How to make it: Brew 15g of oolong tea in 200ml of water. Boil 3g to5g of hawthorn for 15 minutes. Mix both and drink it warm.


If you feel bloated: Malt Tea

Malt contains amylase and invertase, which are enzymes that aid in the digestion of starch. The vitamin B content in malt also improves the body's digestion ability.

How to make it: Brew a pot of malt tea with one to two teabags of malt tea. There is no need to add sugar or sweetener. Drink it warm.


If you have a hangover: Pueraria Flower Tea

Pueraria flower has compounds that affect how the body manages alcohol, and can help to lower the amount of alcohol circulating in your blood.

How to make it: Put 15g of pueraria flower in a pot with 200ml of hot water. Simmer for 5-10 minutes. Drink it warm.


If you vomitted after overeating: Orange Peel Tea

Orange peel helps to reduce muscle spasms in the stomach and small intestine, so drinking this tea helps to relieve stomach cramps and suppress the urge to vomit.

How to make it: Put two to three slices of fresh ginger - which also relieves vomiting and indigestion - with 10g of orange peel in 200ml of hot water. Drink it warm.


Or, to NOT overeat: Ginger Tea

Research suggests that certain compounds in ginger can increase your body's metabolic rate while simultaneously reducing your appetite.

How to make it: Try grating some fresh ginger on, say, your vegetables or Asian salads. 

by • 04/07/2017