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Karin, medical nutritionist, fitness expert, wife, mama and founder of Nutritious N’ Delicious, otherwise known as Karin Gojiberry, after her favourite berry - is a nutritionist who aims to educate and inspire so that people from all walks of lives can aspire to lead fulfilling lifestyles. What differentiates Karin is that aside from consultations and writing for the media, she works with everybody - from mamas who are trying to feed their kids better, to domestic helpers whose employers choose to equip them with fundamental nutrition knowledge and skill. Karin strongly believes in real food, natural medicine and the power of of each and every single ones ability to heal themselves.

Karin founded Nutritious N’ Delicious in 2011 in Australia (after a corporate career in law and finance) and her aim was to touch as many people as possible and provide knowledge, support, guidance and advise on building a healthier life style. She has led workshops and nutrition programs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel and Australia.

Karin’s passion is to educate, to ask questions and to bring to light the importance of natural, simple, organic and nourishing foods.
Karin is a passionate speaker & journalist in the area of nutrition and has written for numerous publications in Australia, Israel and through-out Asia. Karin is also the author of 2 children's recipe books branded “The rosy checked kids”.

You will find Karin travelling with her family all over the world, in the kitchen developing and creating healthy recipes or drinking a green juice after a yoga practice.



Pre and Post Natal; Weight Loss; Nutrition and cooking workshops



1 hour consultation $150-$180
One off meeting with a menu plan $250
Follow up sessions $100

Children package, pregnancy package, short term package: $500 for 3 consultations and includes: a full health check, personalised menu plan, recipe book & personalised nutrition education. This package is good for children with bad eating habits, pre and post natal & short term goals.

Standard package: $850 for: 6 consultations and includes a full health check,  personalised menu plan, recipe book & personalised nutrition information. This package is good for people who are looking to change their eating habits, loose weight, improve their blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalances, improve their immune system, reduce their un-healthy blood lipids & learn about healthy foods (how to shop smart, how to cook smart, how to save money but still buy healthy foods....). Any of the sessions could be swapped for workshops. The sessions might include a supermarket tour, a home visit to “clean out the pantry”, a cooking demo & if needed time with the main cook in the house to learn new methods and ingredients. 

* This would all be determined according to the clients needs and is personalised and tailored to the clients needs.

* Meetings could be done by phone or skype if needed.