Phyzique Boot Camp @ KATONG PARK (Monday)

by YN • 09/27/2017
Venue Katong Park, Singapore
START 07:30 AM

At Phyzique boot camps we cover all aspects of fitness such as strength, stamina and flexibility all in one hour. It is a complete program that not only gets you results but as well teaches you how to movebetter in our daily lives. if you work out hard and with drive, nothing can stop you at our boot camps. We pride ourselves on being able to work with different people with different fitness goals and levels all at once. We utalise an effective system called M.E.T ( Movement efficiency training ) in all our training programs. It is a systematic progression that gets our clients mastering different tasks at our boot camps. And it is simply fun to work out in a group setting outdoors. Everyone is couped up indoors all day. It is time to get out people. Rain or shine we continue as life is unpredicable. 

Expect fun and brain engaging drills that will make you feel energized after and burn a tonne of calories at the same time. Not only will you be burning calories at the boot camp, your body will continue to be burning calories at a higher level than you usually do through out the day. We call that the after burn. 


Day & Time : Monday, 7:30am

Place : Katong Park


Please call to schedule an appointment at least a day before the Boot camp session.

Everyone please make sure to bring equipment in survival kit to each bootcamp session.