10 reasons to start running now

by • 05/14/2017

Finding the motivation to start running can be difficult – not all of us get the urge to pound the pavement just by putting on a pair of trainers! Even when we do decide to get off the couch, many of us still struggle to stick to a regular regimen. Perhaps taking a look at these 10 reasons just might convince you to start running regularly!


1. Save on cash

When it comes to running, you don’t need the latest fitness equipment or a pricey gym membership; it all comes down to a solid pair of shoes and an open trail.


2. Fewer visits to the doctor

Active people enjoy a reduced risk of colon cancer, and women who engage in intense exercises regularly such as running have a lowered risk of breast cancer by up to 30 percent.


3. Live longer

Active runners suffer fewer disabilities than their less-active counterparts, and actually live longer as well.


4. An excellent calorie-burner

For a 70kg individual, running can burn up to a whopping 850 calories per hour!


5. Bolsters memory

Regular exercise keeps your mind sharp, reduces cognitive decline and protects against the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


6. Get a natural glow

Working up a sweat can eliminate the dirt in your clogged pores which can prevent subsequent breakouts. An intense workout can also boost the production of natural oils (just remember to remove makeup before and wash after workouts).


7. Stronger bones

Running might be potentially more effective in strengthening bones than cranking out reps, and also develops muscles that many other low-impact exercises neglect.


8. An energy booster

If you’re feeling sluggish, head out for a run. Just one run can reduce fatigue and raise energy levels!


9. Better sleep quality

Running encourages a better quality of sleep, and can prime your body to sleep at the right time.


10. Increase stamina

Running regularly improves stamina, giving you the added endurance to perform more challenging activities for a longer period of time as well.


If you’re not feeling up to doing it alone, you could always grab a friend to join you on your runs! Having an exercise buddy not only makes workouts more fun, but also helps keep you accountable for your attendance. If you’re the really sociable type, consider signing up with a running club as well!



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by • 05/14/2017