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by • 05/17/2017

The feeling of being decked out in crisp, new activewear as you hit the gym is always a great feeling. Workout feels great, but working out in amazing outfits makes it even better. Finding pretty looking AND performance-oriented activewear is a bonafide bonus – here’s what you can expect on the market these days:


Ceramicool is designed to keep you cool during sports activities and is reported to be the world’s first material that reduces skin temperature. Tests have shown that it can cool the skin by up to 1°C, the effects of which need to be felt to be appreciated. This cooling effect is achieved through heat dissipation via the ceramic particles in the yarn. The concept of Ceramicool is for apparel to be lightweight, highly breathable with ample ventilation. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor activities, you won’t have to feel like you’re melting!  It also has a natural anti-bacterial effect which keeps things extra hygienic.

  • Motion by 776bc

This truly original activewear collection is the brainchild of two-time Olympian Cam McKenzie-McHarg. Realising the importance of exercise technique when it comes to injury prevention, he styled his brand of performance apparel to assist with evaluating form and execution. 776bc’s (the year the first Olympics was held) concept is based on biomechanics, with its Motion line of activewear featuring key pivot points in the form of printed lines running alongside certain points of the body, which provide athletes and trainers with visual feedback when it comes to technique.


  • Every Second Counts

For those whose lives seem perpetually in transit, time sits at a considerable premium. Every Second Counts (ESC) line of activewear certainly reflects that notion, with its collections being designed to be streamlined in both form and function. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the gym for a quick HIIT session or picking up the kids from school; ESC finds its fit in more than just fitness. The Luxe line or example, works equally well for a night downtown as it does during a serious sweat sesh.


  • Newline

Newline’s heritage is quite unlike that of other activewear brands, with its founder (Helge Petersen) coming from a background in the Danish Special Forces. The first piece of activewear from Newline (a running suit) was crafted using fabric from Helge’s own parachute. The values of military precision and functional utility that are reflected in Newline’s DNA can be easily seen in their latest Black collection of performance-driven apparel, which boasts features such as moisture management, flat seam construction and water repelling technology.

  • C3fit

With the Cs in its name standing for compression, conditioning and comfort, you can expect C3fit to deliver when it comes to quality and results. Being the only activewear brand to achieve Class 1 Medical Device status in Japan, the hallmark of C3fit lies in its compression technology.  By increasing blood flow and suppressing muscle vibration, quality compression wear can be used to promote blood circulation and reduce fatigue, all of which translates into enhanced exercise efficiency. Not to mention that it’s pretty flattering for the figure as well!


These activewear brands are definitely worth checking out if you want your workout clothes to work as hard as you do in the gym. Selections from Odlo, Every Second Counts, Newline and C3fit can be found at TripleFit, Singapore’s premium fitness performance and retail hub – get something new and put it through its paces at the same time!


Photo Credits: Every Second Counts, Newline, Odlo


by • 05/17/2017