Activities for everybody – 10th July

by • 07/04/2017

We’ve got some cracking events coming up over the next week which rotate around health talks to fun activities on a particular island outside of mainland Singapore which spans over half the month. Whatever your taste is, I’m sure you’ll find one of the events below to your liking. Read on to find out more about the top picks for this week!


Cancer Genetics

SCS Rehabilitation Centre, 52 Jurong Gateway Road, #08-04, Jem Office Tower

Saturday, 15th July 2017, 10.30am


Cancer is a very serious threat in this world and the scary part is that anyone and everyone could be at risk from the lethal illness. Cancer cells can remain dormant and can display no outward symptoms till it’s too late. This event is a great opportunity to learn more and detect if we are in danger of getting cancer. Cancer can also be hereditary so if your family has had a history of cancer, you are in danger as well. An extremely frightening stat being thrown about is that 1 in 4 Singaporeans will develop cancer. Dr Melvin Look will be explaining to all participants more about cancer genetics and there will also be a screening done. This will help you take the necessary measures to prevent yourself or your family or friends from developing cancer. Visit the link above to find out more on how you can register for this highly important talk!

Yin Yoga Basic Immersion

Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road

Sunday, 16th July 2017, 8.00am


As we all know, there are various types of yoga in the world. This event is all about educating all participants on the fundamentals of Ying Yoga. It is targeting people who have not heard or participated in this form of yoga. Their aim is to primarily equip participants with the necessary skills and techniques to be able to carry out the 3 principles of Yin Yoga in the comfort of their own homes with some progressive training. This will allow you to perform your yoga skills in a relaxing, soft and mindful manner.  You will be taught how to breathe correctly and even how to use the energies that are stored within your body to better your outlook in life. Victor Chng, a renowned yoga instructor in Asia, will be the one that will be coaching you throughout the event. If you’re interested in picking up a new skill in the form of yoga, do head on down to the link to find out more about the yin yoga basic immersion course!


Pesta Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Between 3rd July (Monday) – 16th July (Sunday)


Not many of us would have heard of Pesta Ubin. I won’t lie. Even I haven’t. However, that gave me an opportunity to do more research about this event and I’ve got to say that I’ve been missing out. Pesta Ubin is a fun-filled activity based event that takes place every year at Pulau Ubin. There are loads of cultural activities that you can take part in when you head on down during the Pesta Ubin period. Every weekend, there will be a highlight activity which anyone can take part in FREE OF CHARGE. From free colouring at Uncle Lim’s shop to Nature Mountain Biking with Sea Angel, there will definitely be something for everyone. Besides the multitude of activities, Pesta Ubin also gives families a chance to bond under the sun on an exotic island known for its beautiful natural scenery and fun trails.  Check out the link for more details and schedule to see which of the activities grabs your attention. Most of them do not need registration so just head on down on the day to get your dose of fun!




by • 07/04/2017