Activities for everybody – 15th May

by • 05/11/2017

Singapore is a place where there is always something to do. From learning something new to getting out there to keep you trim and fit, activities are always being organized to get people together to bond and work on improving their lives on some level. This week’s edition of activities for everyone includes such events and I strongly urge you to pick one out and commit to attending it because your life will certainly have an improvement. That being said, check out some of the upcoming events this week!


The Manifestation Power of Gratitude

The Golden Space Singapore, 418 Race Course Road

Wednesday, 17 May 2017, 7.30pm


Who knew gratitude could be anything more than a person feeling a sense of appreciation toward another? Join Mr Thomas Thong as he opens your mind up to the whole world of thought and processes behind the very simple concept of gratitude. For instance, did you know that gratitude is a kind of energy and force that you could manipulate or harness in your journey towards personal mastery? This event will allow you to discover more about yourself and teach you how gratitude can be used to solve various challenges life has to offer to us. Visit the link above for more details and sign up for this talk now!


Race to Sustainability

Gardens by the Bay

Saturday, 20th May 2017, 2.00pm


Get back to nature this Saturday with this event – Race to Sustainability happening at Gardens by the Bay! Bring your friends and family along to this event to have a fun time out whilst learning things about nature. Organizers of this event have puzzles and interesting quests peppered throughout the course, and participants will be required to put their heads together and solve these to finish the course and get the certificate and badge certifying that you finished this year’s edition of race to sustainability. Participants are required to bring a bottle of water, a poncho/jacket, cap, sun block and insect repellent along. You also need to download the gardens by the bay mobile app on the app store or Google play before the start of the event. Visit the link for more details and registration. 

Live Cancer Talk

Singapore Cancer Society Rehabilitation Centre, JEM Office Tower 5, #08-04

Saturday, 20th May 2017, 10.30am


The danger of cancer is real. I’m sure most of us knew this and we know that cancer is bad news and breaks family’s hearts every day. This event aims to educate us about the various kinds of cancer and what kind of a risk each one poses to each and every one of us. This event is split into 4 separate portions, each of which is being helmed by a doctor who specializes in a certain type of cancer. These happen on separate dates but the first of the 4 1 hour events happens this Saturday. The 4 categories are colorectal cancer, liver cancer, cancer genetics and women’s cancers. Entry is free of charge and I strongly recommend attending this one to further enhance your knowledge on cancer and how to prevent it. Check the link out for further information!




by • 05/11/2017