Activities for everybody – 21st August

by • 08/15/2017

We’ve got a couple of great events coming our way very soon and this article will highlight just some of those available. All these events are extremely family friendly and my advice will be to grab all the friends and family you can find to have a fun day out at some of these activities. Read on to find out more!


How to: Handstand workshop

Guavalabs, OUE Downtown Tower 2, 6 Shenton Way

Saturday, 26th August 2017, 9am


I, for one, have always wanted to learn how people have managed to stand using just power of their arms for the longest time. I’ve tried everything from going to the gym to researching on the internet but I still am unable to perform a proper handstand. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, fret not because this workshop aims to teach participants all they need to know in theory and practical on how you can perform your own handstands. According to the organizers of this workshop, it’s not about the regularity of your gym workouts but what exactly you work on in the gym that affects your ability to perform a handstand. That is exactly what they plan on covering in the workshop. You will be taught about which muscles are key in helping you achieve the perfect handstand. Following that, they will go into how to execute the handstand itself, starting from practicing on a wall to doing it whenever and wherever you want. Check out the link for further details and register now!


Piece of Peace World Tour

Ford Canning Arts Centre

Now - 31st August


Fan of Lego? Maybe a fan of the wonders of the world? Maybe a fan of both. Either way, I’d recommend you heading down for the Piece of Peace world tour happening at the Ford Canning Arts Centre. Witness the most iconic landmarks from all around the world being recreated with Lego blocks on a massive and accurate scale at this breathtaking display of art. The artists who are responsible for these creations pay attention to every single detail in order to bring the wonders of the world into Lego form. Participants will also be able to take part in their own creations at this event by putting in their input on Brick by Brick art project where the aim is to create a full scale topographical map of Singapore. This event spans through the whole of august so head on down to the Ford Canning Arts Centre to see these exquisite works of art and perhaps make a mark of your own.


Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic: A Mirror Maze

Singapore Science Centre, 15 Science Centre Road

Now – 31st August


This one might be one that most of us have actually heard off but if you’re one of those who aren’t convinced yet, I’m here to change your mind. The Science Centre has long been the innovation capital for Singaporeans because of the sheer number of things that you can learn from the various exhibits that have been hosted there. The mirror maze is not only fun in a sense that you have to explore and find your way out of a series of twists, turns and dead ends without bumping your head on your own reflection of course. It also educates the participants about the role light and colour play in these illusions. Many more of Proffessor Crackitt’s marvellous machines can be found within the maze to simulate the brain and most of all put an enjoyable twist to education. There are many more exhibits and activities happening within the Science centre so be sure to check them out when you head on down to try your hand at the mirror maze. 




by • 08/15/2017