Activities for everyone – 17th July

by • 07/13/2017

In this week’s edition of activities for everyone, there is a unique spread of activities which is open to all ages. From upkeep on your fitness, to your mental state and even giving back to mother nature, there is something for everyone. So read on to find out about the upcoming activities this week. Remember to sign up as soon as possible in order to register your interest early to avoid disappointment. 


Meditate – Be Creative – Be Clear

5A Binjai Park

Monday, 17th July 2017, 7.00pm


Canvass is a place located at 5A Binjai Park which welcomes people of all ages to practice art and yoga.  Art and Yoga as we all know is meant to simulate the mind, body and soul. This is exactly what Canvass wishes all people who attend their courses achieve. There is a weekly class being held at the facility called Meditate, be creative and be clear. The program has been catered to fit all body types and has been proven to lead to a better immune system and general happiness in life. The session happens every Monday between 7 and 8pm. The cost is of the entire program is $80 and it covers 4 sessions. If you seek peace of mind and the secret to happiness, do consider this as they’ll teach you how to unlock it from within your own body in a matter of 4 sessions. Hit up the link for more details and register now!


Pasir Ris Beach Clean Up

Aloha Lawn, Pasir Ris Carpark A

Sunday, 23rd July 2017, 8.30am


As we all know, pollution is ripping apart our ecosystem all around the world. Flora and Fauna from all around are having to suffer from the different kinds of pollution that mankind has been producing for decades. Our planet has been on a steady downward slope for a long time now causing all sorts of global catastrophes.  Do your part by joining up with the volunteer efforts being lead this Sunday at Pasir Ris Beach. The sea has been the forefront of many types of pollution. From oil spillage to waste being dumped into the ocean, aquatic plant and animal life is being gravely affected. Last year, due to the limited number of participants, the organizers were unable to do a full clean up of the beach. This year, they are trying to attract more volunteers so as to help them pull off covering the entire beach. They will also be having a guest speech followed by a meditation session before the actual clean up happens. If you want to do your part to save the earth, do head on down to the link to find out more and register.


Dance Fitness @ Kaki Bukit

Kaki Bukit Community Club

Saturday, 22nd July 2017, 9.00am


I’m actually a huge advocate of dancing as a legitimate form of cardio. It just adds another layer of fun to your workouts. Varying your workouts in terms of the activities you do for your cardio can motivate you to consistently perform well during your exercise sessions and gain better results. Join Dance Fitness @ Kaki Bukit as they teach your various forms of high intensity dance forms that can serve as excellent sources of cardio. The dance forms being explored in this program are Masala Bhangra, Ujam and Zumba. If you feel like learning a new skill or expanding your set of dance moves, do register and join Kelvin, Heidi and Grace as they teach you some brand new moves through some high intensity dancing. Check out the link for more details.




by • 07/13/2017