Activities for everyone – 9th October

by • 10/03/2017

Singapore is a great hub of a huge variety of events all over the Island. These can range from charity events to art exhibitions and even health seminars. Most of them are well supported by the local crowd mainly during weekends when everyone is off work. Attending these events can educate and pose a certain amount of fun to whoever attends. So I urge anyone reading to just grab friends and family to attend any one of the upcoming events. Read on to find out more!


NTU CCA Singapore: Art After Dark x Gillman Barracks

Gilman Baracks Singapore

3 October – 17 November


The Gillman Barracks has slowly gained popularity in the art scene with many popular exhibitions now choose that location for their showcases. It is now one of the biggest art exhibition locations in Singapore. An exciting event is on the horizon for the 5th year anniversary of the Gillman Barracks and it is the NTU CCA Singapore Art after Dark exhibition. NTU CCA Singapore, as it happens, is also celebrating their 4th year anniversary by holding separate activities at the Barracks. The 3 activities are namely “Residencies Open”, “Exhibition De Tours” and “Ghosts and Spectres: Shadows of History”. Residencies Open is an interesting exhibition where people are allowed the rare insight on an artist’s space. It provides a great view of the different ways artists construct their studios. Exhibition De Tours is a networking opportunity which allows everyone to interact with artists from all around. You can use this chance to take in the different opinions of artists on the exhibitions held at the barracks. Last but not least, the Ghosts and Spectres is an art exhibition which features video installations from places like Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and South Korea. It explores the various cultural aspects of each artist’s country amongst other factors like politics and even the cold war in Asia. Check out the link for more details!


Latin American Festival

Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road

Saturday, 14th October 2017, 2pm

I, for one, don’t have a whole lot of experience and information about the Latin culture other than the language and music. If you’re like me and want to learn all about it, this event is definitely for you. The Latin American Festival is happening on the 14th of October at Emily Hill which is along Upper Wilkie Road. This festival includes a whole plethora of Latin cultural activities like Zumba and various other games. There will also be a Latin band and DJ playing some fantastic Latin music throughout the event. There will also be many booths around selling cultural memorabilia so you can immortalize your trip to this festival. Do also look out for the lucky draw where all participants stand a chance to win great prizes. Check out the link for more details and register now with friends and family for a magna (great in Latin) time.

Healing with Essential Oils

Outram Park Mrt Station

Wednesday, 11th October 2017, 7pm


Last but not least, we have a health-themed event. Healing with Essential Oils is a seminar that is set to happen at Outram Park MRT station on the 11th of October 2017. Many of us would have heard about the perks of essential oils but not actually bothered to understand or even buy essential oils. As far as my knowledge goes, essential oils are aromatic substances that masseuses use in their work but it well goes beyond that and different oils have different uses and can impact different people in various ways. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties to cure various ailments. That seminar will go in depth into the various oils out there, what ailments that they can combat and where we can find the proper legitimate oils. Check out the link for more details and register if this has piqued your interest.  




by • 10/03/2017