Benefits of foam rolling

by • 07/22/2016

Foam rolling..What’s that? Well, in the last few years, many people have begun to incorporate self-myofascial release, or foam rolling, into their everyday fitness regimes. Foam rolling is a form of self-massage, aimed to release muscle tightness. With your foam roller, these exercises apply pressure to specific points on your body to aid in the recovery of your muscles and return them back to normal function. 


Trigger points, knots in your muscles, will feel painful and this is where you should apply pressure with your foam roller. One common trigger point is the muscle extending between your hip and your ankle. During your foam rolling stretching, you will experience pain or discomfort, but it shouldn’t be unbearable. Think of it as getting a massage, the kind of aching that makes you feel better after.



Foam rolling is beneficial as you can feel exactly what is happening as the muscles stretch and release. It lets you control the healing and recovery process as you apply pressure in these specific spots.


Foam rolling breaks up these muscle knots, helping with your blood flow in the area and increasing muscle function. Many have even claimed that they feel like a teenager again after foam rolling, rarely suffering from injuries during workouts and able to perform moves they haven’t been able to for years. 


Foam rolling could really bring about benefits to your body that you’d never expect. If you’re a workout junkie with a seemingly permanent ache, foam rolling might be a good exercise for you to try out. 




by • 07/22/2016