Crunchy munchies!

by • 08/08/2017

As a kid, I only ever had two real choices when it came to quick and easy breakfasts: Weet-Bix and granola mix. Due to my Weet-Bix being the plain and unflavoured kind, they weren’t exactly a popular choice of mine. The granola on the other hand, was something that always managed to get my day going!


Granola is perhaps one of the most popular breakfast foods around, and for good reason too. Despite its somewhat benign appearance, the crunchiness and flavour associated with the mixture of rolled oats, nuts and honey makes it decidedly hard to resist once you take a bite. Unlike cereal, granola stands to be significantly more nutrient-dense as it typically undergoes less processing than the wheat-based food.


Of course, not all granolas are created the same. Homemade granolas are one of the best treats you can whip up for yourself and your family in your free time. However, if baking comes across as too much of a luxury in these days, you can always go with some quality store-bought brands like the ones listed below:


1. Paleonola and Rumbles Paleo

As their names suggest, Paleonola and Rumbles Paleo offer granola mixes that are 100% in line with the popular paleo diet. Being absolutely grain-free and oat-free, these granola choices are also perfect for those with gluten sensitivity issues!


2. The Wild Co

Bringing modern nutritional science to a classic breakfast food, The Wild Co tailors their offerings to provide certain health benefits (e.g. detoxification, digestion aid, cancer protective, etc.), dubbed as “The Wild Effect”. The first to coin the term “wholefood chemistry”, The Wild Co’s products are also all organic, gluten-free, as well as being paleo and vegan-friendly, designed to bond food and health together.


3. Dux Nutts and Byron Bay Muesli

While taking a mouthful of Byron Bay Muesli won’t exactly teleport you to the popular tourist destination, the freshness in each bite is certainly reminiscent of what it’s like to take a breath of fresh ocean air first thing in the morning. Pure, raw flavour is also something that Dux Nutts does very well with its selection of granola and muesli. Both brands use only organic ingredients for the highest quality in food.


4. Brookfarm

Macadamia nuts aficionados will no doubt be familiar with the Brookfarm name. Aside from being Australia’s leading producer of premium macadamia products, Brookfarm also carries a line of muesli and granola products, using macadamias from their own farm. Being a wholly sustainable business committed to using only quality ingredients, their products are just as good for your body as they are for the environment!


5. The Whole Kitchen

Muscling its way into the granola industry, The Whole Kitchen is a local brand that also manages to pull out all the stops when it comes to providing granolas that are organic, raw and delicious. Each product in handmade fresh in Singapore from premium wholefood ingredients, in addition to being free of preservatives, additives and gluten.


One of the greatest things I enjoy about granola is its versatility. Whether it’s for breakfast, tea, or even a late-night supper mixed in with some Greek yoghurt, I can always count on enjoying my meal! If you’re interested in trying out any one of these brands for yourself, drop by Little Farms for their complete collection of breakfast granolas and mueslis! My best tip: Have yours with some chilled activated nut milk or fresh coconut milk for an awesome treat you won’t soon forget!


by • 08/08/2017