Easy stretches with a twist of dance

by • 03/11/2017

Have a long and arduous day ahead? Why not try these simple dance-inspired stretches? They’re sure to get you refreshed and re-energised, ready to tackle whatever it is that’s coming your way!


  • Low Lunge With A Twist

Start with your left foot forward on bended knee, then straighten your right leg behind you and come into a low lunge. Next, place your right hand on the ground next to the inside of your left food, and then twist your torso while you stretch your left arm straight towards the ceiling. Hold for around 5 breaths.


Spread your legs wide apart, turn your toes slightly outwards, squat low, bringing your weight into the left while you straighten your right leg with yout toes flexed.

  • Second Position Plié

Start in a straddled position while standing, with your legs apart and your toes turned slightly outwards, your hands on your hips. Then squat so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Ensure that your back is straight, as you would when sliding down a wall, before resuming a standing position.


  • Flat Back

With the same wide stance, bend at your waist, so that your torso and flat of the back are parallel to the ground, while angled slightly to the left. Your right arm should be close to the ear, pointed forward and straight. Your other arm should be pointed to your side, such that both arms create an L-shape.


  • Straddle Fold

With your flat back position, bring your hands down to the ground, and lower yourself until your nose touches your left knee. Then return to the center, while your hands remain on the floor, your torso bent over, before resuming a standing position.


Experiment with the above-listed stretches and see which ones work for you and in what order. Gentle movements such as these can be performed on recovery days as well to ensure the body is adequately prepared for subsequent training sessions. Even if you have two left feet, the idea of having a body that’s primed should be enough to dance a jig to!



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by • 03/11/2017