Eats around the island – Clementi Mall

by • 06/26/2017

Clementi Mall has been a pretty popular mall because of its strategic location. It is positioned right next to Clementi MRT station and is also relatively near to tertiary institutions like Ngee Ann Polytechnic, National University of Singapore and even Singapore Polytechnic. Students and lecturers both enjoy coming down to this huge mall to enjoy the wide variety of restaurants out on offer here. I recently went down to see if there were any healthy options tucked away within the mall, and I managed to find 3 perfect places that you should definitely visit. Read on to find out more. 


Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #03-53 The Clementi Mall


We have 2 Japanese entries on the list and kicking it off is the Ootoya Japanese Restaurant. It’s located on the third floor and is relatively easy to find. The restaurant has an authentic Japanese feel to it and the aroma that lingers around the restaurant adds an extra touch to the ambience. Menu has a great variety to it and the meals are very well presented in terms of arrangement and utensils. I went for 2 dishes namely the Oyako don and the Misu Nabei. The Oyako Don is basically some grilled chicken with ‘Gokoku’ rice. Gokoku rice is basically a combination of some brown rice, barley, corn and sesame which makes this item a really healthy choice. The flavours also blend together well and it makes for a really tasty dish. The Misu Nabei is basically a warm soup dish which includes some pork belly, potato, tomatoes, boiled cabbage and mushrooms. It’s great for when you have a cold because the soup is going bring your mood up real quick. They have a whole host of other dishes so drop by the next time you’re in the area.


Ichiban Sushi

3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #05-28/29/30 The Clementi Mall


Ichiban sushi is the second and probably better known Japanese restaurant out of the 2. It’s located on the 5th floor and surprisingly I’d never actually had the food at this restaurant before making it much more interesting when I visited this fine establishment. Their menu has all the typical sushi items like the famous California rolls. I was more interested in looking through the rice items on their menu because they had quite a variety in that section and it did differ from other Japanese restaurants to a certain extent. As always, I ordered a few dishes and they came out really good. First off, I had the Aburi Kaisen Salad ($7.90) which consisted of some squid, lettuce, onions, capiscums amongst some other vegetables. I also ordered the Ishiyaki Asari Ankake which is basically rice served in a hot stone bowl served with multiple vegetables. The set also comes with soup and pickles which added flavour to the meal and made it delicious. A definite must visit.



3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #01-04 The Clementi Mall


The final entry on this week’s eats around the island is a dessert place which is picking up some great reviews from food bloggers. That’s basically how I caught on to Blackball which is located on the first floor of Clementi Mall. They even deliver, neat am I right? Blackball serves up a huge variety of delicious authentic local dishes. They have toppings like matcha, grass jelly, honey yam, sweet potato balls, golden sweet potato and black sugar jelly. You can choose either a cold or warm base and pick up to 3-4 add ons for a great price. With this great span of ingredients that can be added, a great level of personalization is what really made this dessert place stand out. I had the blackball crushed ice dessert with some black sugar konjacjelly, and some sweet potato balls. Head on down and personalize your own dessert!


Feeling like dessert? Why not contact Deliveroo to deliver some delicious and healthy desserts from Blackball at Clementi Mall? It’ll take only between 30-40 mins. Check the link for the menu!




by • 06/26/2017