Eats around the island – steamboat/hotpot

by • 05/15/2017

In today’s edition of Eats around the Island, I’ll be covering more of a type of cuisine rather than a particular place. We’ll be looking at the best steamboat/hotpot places that can be located in Singapore. What made choose steamboat places particularly? Well, I’ve got 2 words that perfectly encapsulate my reasoning – Delicious and healthy. Without further ado, read on to find out where you can get your brilliant fix of a steamboat meal. 


Danro Singapore

Bugis Junction #02-45


Ever heard of the illusive elixir of youth that is often used in movies and in books? Well I might have actually found it right here in the heart of Singapore at a speciality hotpot restaurant. What does a hot pot restaurant have to do with a fictional potion that grants youth you might ask? To that, I say try Danro Singapore’s collagen infused soups. You will not regret it. Danro is one of MOF’s newest directions where they serve specialized hot pots from 5 separate regions in Japan. An example of such a dish would be Kiritanpo, a rice skewer which is traditionally paired with the various hot pots served there. I had the pleasure of trying the Kiritanpo with the chicken and milk broth and I’d highly recommend you try this particular combination because the tastes melded really well together. A must visit for steamboat lovers!


Beauty in the Pot

OneKM Mall, 11 Tanjong Katong Road #02-21


I stumbled unto this one after a really late night out with friends and boy did we strike gold with this find. Beauty in the Pot is a steamboat restaurant which prides itself not only on its delicious soups but the health and beauty aspect which the food provides as well. They have a great spread of extremely fresh and homemade ingredients. Beauty in the Pot does a great job in managing to have multiple great tasting soups which add not only to your growling stomach but to your overall health as well. We ordered the specialized mala soup alongside the beauty collagen based soup and had a huge variety of vegetables and meat to cook in them. If you’re looking for a great tasting and non-guilty outing to a restaurant, I’d highly recommend this one!

Hai Di Lao

313 @ Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #04-23/24


Probably one of the better known restaurants on this list would be Hai Di Lao. Located at 313@Somerset, it could not be better placed, locality wise to draw in potential customers to this wonderful establishment. Hai Di Lao is arguably one of the best steamboat places I’ve ever had the joy of visiting. Before I go into the food, I must also say that Hai Di Lao is a great place to not only eat but to just visit because of the great variety of services that they provide within their restaurant. You tell me if you’ve ever heard of a restaurant that provides comfy couches to watch television on, have a mani-pedi session or even play games. Food-wise, you are spoiled for choice in terms of the sheer number of soups available. They also provide the “Yuan Yang” option which basically means that you get to split the soup section down into 2 so you can enjoy 2 different types of soup. Personally, I enjoyed abit of the local flavour which was the Laksa based soup. It wasn’t too spicy but captured the essence of what made a Laksa dish great. A definite must visit!


Although I highly recommend heading to the actual restaurant to enjoy the full authentic experience of a steam boat, there is a way where you can get the soups and meal delivered to you. Enlist the help of Deliveroo to get your favourite meals from Danro Singapore delivered right to your doorstep!


Photo Credit: Danro Singapore




by • 05/15/2017