Fitness for busy bees

by • 08/16/2016

Getting your fitness fix these days can be tough. Between home and work life, you are often inundated with a ton of responsibilities. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even have time or energy after work to train. So, what does that leave us?


The demand for lunchtime fitness classes has been steadily rising. More and more working executives are finding it more practical to get a quick workout in during their lunch break. They even get to benefit from that boost in focus that comes with the workout.


Since quality is always of paramount importance, we asked Rhyce Lein, General Manager of GuavaPass, to share with us his top five picks for fitness classes for the busy:


1. Level (Midday Madness)

Midday madness hits your entire body with functional movements utilising bodyweight, kettlebells and dumbbells for just 30 minutes. Classes are designed to supercharge your metabolism in as little a time as possible, so be prepared to dig deep!


2. Webarre

Webarre is a unique fitness practice that blends pilates with active and orthopaedic stretching. A ballet barre is often implemented in their programmes to help with balance, flexibility and posture. It might sound easy, but a lot of emphasis is placed on self-awareness as well as full-body control and positioning.


3. Herlifts (Lunch Blast)

For those who appreciate privacy, Herlifts organises ladies-only classes that focus on strength training, nutritional guidance and self-care. Equipment selection is also tailored to the needs of the female physique, guaranteeing an optimised experience. Their Lunch Blast classes are held for 30-45 minutes; leaving enough time to grab a quick lunch afterwards.



4. The Yoga Collective (Core)

While yoga is typically associated with full-body emphasis and relaxation, that doesn’t mean it cannot be adapted to focus on strengthening certain areas of the body. Yoga Co’s Core class gives you 60 minutes of body-sculpting and toning postures that really zone in on your abs, thighs and arms. It’s also a great way to begin your yoga practice due to the importance of core strength.


5. 7Cycle Bootcamp

If spin classes are your thing, 7Cycle’s bootcamp might just be right up your alley. 35 minutes of HIIT comprising bodyweight, plyometric and functional training exercises done both on and off the bike will push your mind and body to the limit and test your strength and conditioning. The Bootcamp format is available in three selections: Beginners, Standard, and Core + Strength.


With these options available to you, you won’t have to worry about missing your daily calorie-burn. For under 60 minutes, you can still lift, stretch, and spin your way to a fitter you. Being busy is no longer an acceptable excuse!


by • 08/16/2016