Fitting meditation into your life

by • 05/18/2017

The term “meditation” tends to evoke the imagery of individuals sequestered in monasteries found only in the most remote regions of the world or at the very least, in a quaint little yoga studio somewhere quiet. However, meditation’s ability to restore an inner calm, focus the mind and release stress can be brought to bear in other settings as well. 


1. Commuting

You could listen to guided breathing meditations on your phone or (silently) repeat mantras to yourself. You can also take the opportunity to focus on your breathing as part of meditation. There usually isn’t much to do anyways when you’re stuck on the train or bus, so you might as well engage in something productive!


2. Walking

Whether it’s a stroll through the park or a trip to the grocery store, try incorporating a moving meditation on your next quest outdoors. Syncing your breathing to your cadence might not sound like much, but it does wonders when it comes to centre-ing the mind. Be aware of your body’s movements and try to “feel” as much of it as possible.


3. At work

If you have extra time before your lunch break ends, consider finding a quiet corner in your office to just sit and meditate. If sitting in a corner somewhere just isn’t practical, consider downloading a meditation app to help calm your mind as you relax on your office chair. 

4. Car

If you are waiting to pick someone up or stopping to top up on fuel, try humming a meditation quote to yourself.  Examples like “meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built” are great reminders on how one can approach meditation as a tool to create a better quality of life.


5. Home

The best time to do this is upon waking or Justas you’re about to sleep. All you need is one minute, but feel free to do it for as long as you like! Sit down and focus on your breathing with deep inhales and exhales, channelling the air through your nose and into your belly before going out again. This helps to start the day right and de-clutter your mind before going to sleep. 


Meditation’s applicability crosses all walks of life; you don’t have to be an aspiring yogi in order to appreciate it. Busy professionals can most definitely benefit from the calming effects of meditation, and they won’t even have to sign up for a yoga class to do it!




by • 05/18/2017