Get moving at midday

by • 03/17/2016

It’s often difficult to find a way to incorporate fitness into your daily life if you have a busy job. However, we all know it’s important to keep a balance and to get up and move during the day, so we asked Rhyce Lein, General Manager of GuavaPass, Singapore, for his top picks to get you moving on your lunch break. Whether it’s a gentle yoga class to work out the stress of your morning or a hardcore HIIT session to keep you alert all afternoon, we’ve got you covered.


Mid-Day Madness

Level (CBD)

In only 30mins hit your whole body with functional movements using your bodyweight, kettlebell and dumbbell exercises to lose fat and gain muscle. This maximum calorie burn will boost your metabolism and kickstart your way to a leaner, stronger YOU!



Avante (CBD)

Yoga Stretch – Specially selected poses that seek to improve flexibility, increase mobility, and reduces stress. Opens, lengthens, strengthens, relaxes and heals the connective tissues of the body.

Yoga Therapy – Featuring exercises that assist individuals with health challenges at any level to manage their condition, reduce symptoms, increase vitality, and restore balance.

Redefined Intense Organised Training (RIOT)

R-evolution (VivoCity)

RIOT is a 30-minute high-intensity workout that engages every part of your body in targeted activity. Each session (“Pro-Tests”) is a three-dimensional training that uses a combination of cardio, calisthenics and weights to strengthen your body and redefine your fitness level.


Circuit Training 

Move to Live (Buona Vista)

Circuit Training is a high-intensity workout. This class incorporates a combination of body weight movements, cardiovascular training and weight training for overall fitness and strength building.


Signature Spin 

Aqua Spin (Dempsey)

This Aqua Signature session will get you sprinting for short periods followed by active recovery to make sure you heart rate goes up quickly and your body burns maximum calories during and AFTER the workout.


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by • 03/17/2016