Methods VS madness

by • 05/18/2017

Finding success, be in the gym, kitchen or boardroom, is all about (insert noun).


Would it be so easy if it were that straightforward! Luck, being in the right environment, knowing the right people, having the proper tools, being in possession of a dogged sense of determination – these are all things that will have a significant effect on the outcome of your journey. When one attempts to distil everything, we’re left with two variables: methods (approach) and madness (drive). Does one deserve to be placed above the other?


Having the right approach to goals can mean a great difference in your journey. How you do things will be determined by your code of ethics, your perspective, your level of patience, and this in turn will dictate the choices you make along the way. There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” approach; it all boils down to what consequences you’re willing to accept.


A driven person will feel like nothing is beyond their grasp, as long as they work hard enough. It’s a commendable virtue, and a commodity that is becoming increasingly rare in modern times. Strength of character and will are what keeps someone going, even after they’ve been knocked to the floor ten times over. You can hand someone all the resources in the world on a silver platter but if that person lacks drive, he/she will never make anything impressive out of it.


There is no right answer as to which one prevails over the other. Certain individuals will find taking a more tacit approach to be more productive while others might find that they prefer the results that come from constantly overreaching. Personality, interestingly enough, is a huge predictor regarding the preferences of go-getters. Bold individuals tend to favour the bravado that comes with charging forward headfirst into the unknown while the more calculative sort will be content to let the machinations of their grand scheme come to fruition.


If there is any common ground between the two, it’s that the smart person never chooses one at the full expense of the other. A balance – which doesn’t necessarily mean an even split – between method and madness is crucial to achieving success. You don’t win battles sitting from an armchair, but neither do you by smashing skulls wherever you go.


Different people will find success differently. And success always leaves clues. Whether it’s due more to a brilliantly conceived strategy or a never-say-die attitude, it doesn’t really matter. How you find success is more a matter of forging a path of your own, rather than following in someone else’s footsteps.


by • 05/18/2017