Weekly race roundup – 9th August

by • 08/03/2017

Welcome back to yet another edition of the weekly race round up. First of all, Happy August to our regular runners and racers. As we approach the end of the year, the number of available races is dissipating but we still have a couple of races that have opened registration in recent times. Read on to find out more about these races that I’ve picked out.


Banana Relay 2017

Where: Kallang Riverside Park

When: 16th December 2017, 7.30am
Distance: 18km per team, 6km per runner


The Banana Relay is hitting our shores on the 16th of December at Kallang Riverside Park. I really like the catchphrase because it captures the spirit of the race – Go Bananas. It’s set to be an incredibly fun race which you can register for with friends and family. Each team consists of 3 members who will have to run 6km each, adding up to a total of 18km. Kallang Riverside park is known for its scenic views and participants will be rewarded with a beautiful view as they traverse the course. A food and drinks reception will be held for all participants following the relay as well. Participants are encouraged to socialize and take photos at this time so as to immortalize their experience with the race. There is a capacity of 100 teams so be sure grab your friends or family and form up your teams as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Check out the link for more details!


Frost & Sullivan Corporate Challenge 2017

Where: McRitchie Reservoir

When: 19th August 2017

Distance: 4km, 8km


The Frost & Sullivan Corporate Challenge is happening on the 19th of August 2017 at the well known McRitchie Reservoir. Through this event, the organization is aiming to fund certain charity organizations such as Brighthill evergreen home and the Peace Connect Neighbourhood link. This race is open to all people who have been working for a corporation, business or financial institution. However, participants have to have worked longer than 3 months and have to have had clocked 32 hours per week in order to qualify for registration. There are 2 categories available for prospective participants, namely the 4km and 8km races.  There will also be a carnival following the race including food, games and performances. The prize presentation and lucky draw will conclude the affairs for the day. If this has piqued your interest, do head on down to the link to get more details.


Craze Ultra 100 miles Race

Where:  McRitchie Reservoir
When: 12 – 13 August 2017
Distance: 43km, 74km, 101km, 100 miles


This race is definitely not for the faint hearted. As you can probably tell from its name, you’d have to have a certain level of experience and fitness to take on the Craze Ultra 100 miles Race. The race certainly has a fun vibe to it which can be seen from its tagline, “Are You Nuts?”. There are 4 available categories to this race – 43km, 74km, 101km and the big 100 mile run. Most of the races may drag for long periods of time because of the extraordinary distances that you will have to complete the race so you are advised to be prepared for that. The race will be done at McRitchie Reservoir on the 12 & 13th of August. There are various different flag off timings so do head on down to the link for more details on each category. Register as soon as possible because this race is quickly approaching. 








by • 08/03/2017