Exercising without working out

by • 12/14/2015

We have probably made enough excuses for why we absolutely cannot get started on a fitness regime. No time, no budget for a gym package, simply not liking to hit the gym together with 30 other strangers in a confined area… we can get pretty creative when we are adamant about not getting our lazy bum off the couch, even though we know all about the many benefits of working out.   

What if there are ways we can exercise unconsciously? Get fit without exercising (in the traditional way)? Stretch and burn some calories with minimal hassle? 

Turns out there are so many interesting activities, which can help quell your resistance to stretching some muscles. Here are some that sound easy enough…


Hiking, walking or just strolling
We really have a heck of a well-planned, well-constructed walking path through park connectors in Singapore – and most of these are just within our neighbourhood (or below our apartment, for the luckier ones). There seems to be no reason why we cannot take a leisurely evening stroll after dinner or after a weekend breakfast, with your spouse, kids and even parents. If you want a bit more, try brisk walking, even if it’s for 15 minutes. Or check out some walking nature trails here on Ladyironchef’s blog.


Video games off that couch
Wii Tennis, Wii Fit, Just Dance on Xbox Kinect… apparently these count too, as long as long as we are not talking hand-held games (those we play on our smartphones included) that keep us immobile for hours. You will be surprised how exhausting the indoor games played on your feet can be, especially when you are just starting out. 

Just playing
Talking about games and playing, when was the last time you played with your kids, or nieces and nephews, or even your dog? Play chase, play tag, kick a ball around… have some good old fun (the type some of us played as kids, before toys got fanciful and on the virtual scape). It’s good for bonding too while you stretch some muscles and perspire.

Get a dog
Still on the dog, you will need to walk your new best friend (and we know some breeds are a little more energetic than others) regularly and while you may be groaning about this “chore” after a tiring day at work, we bet you will soon be loving this private time bonding over some fresh air outdoors.   


Learning to play a musical instrument
Now this is something new to me – 
did you know that playing the violin for an hour burns about as many calories as walking around a track at a moderate pace for an hour? It is said our brains can burn calories, too. How nice is that, while we learn a new musical instrument at the same time? 


So, excuses aside, it looks like there is something to do for everyone and anyone, and you don’t even have to go through the hassle of looking for exercise attire or packing a gym bag. Get started today. 





by • 12/14/2015